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It's one of the five Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra. In February-March, on Mahashivaratri day, a large fair is held here, which draws hundereds of people from all over India. Every twelve years, the Sinhastha fair, the most important Kumbh Mela after Allahabad's is held here.
Complementing the sanctity of the town, are the beautiful surroundings : Brahmagiri Hill, Neel Pavat, Kushawart Teerth, Gangadwar.

Ramkund (Nashik)
This holy bathing tank, 1 km east of the town centre, is the focus for pilgrims filing into Nasik.

Kala Rama Mandir (Nashik)

Holiest temple of the city, Kala Rama Mandir -- the black stone temple is in a 96-arched enclosure and contains icons of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Laxman as well as a huge bell which can be heard from a distance of about 5 kms.

Kumbh Mela in Nasik (Nasik):
The Kumbh Mela, supposedly the largest celebration of any kind on earth, alternates between Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar.

Pandu Lena (Around Nasik):
About 8 kms south of Nasik, close to the Mumbai road, is a group of 24 Hinayana Buddhist caves dating from around the 1st century B.C. to the 2nd Century A.D.

Trimbak (Around Nasik):
From a spring high on a steep hill above Trimbak, 33 km west of Nasik, the source of the Godavari river dribbles into the Ganga-sagar bathing tank whose waters are reputed to wash away sins. Vipassana International Academy

Vipassana International Academy at Igatpuri was established in 1976 The aim was to conduct Vipassana Courses for those in search of mental peace and harmony.  Known as Dhammagiri, it is located in Igatpuri, 40 kms away from Nashik City by  Nashik-Bombay-Agra road.This world famous meditation centre offers techniques which relieve mental stress and promote inner peace. It is turning the wheel of time conversion from Kalchakra to Dharmachakra under the able guidance of Guruji  Satyanarayan Goenka. A 10 day residential course at the center which is free of charge, ends with Bhavatu Saba Mangalam meaning May all beings be happy. 

Pandavlena Caves

On Bombay-Agra road, about 2.5 kms. from the Taj Residency a small hillock is seen. It houses the famous Pandavlena caves. From a distance you can see the hillock and the  caves cut half way through the hillock. The climb is not very steep. The height of the caves must be about 300 ft. from the foot of the hillock. This is one of the beautiful places worth visiting. Many a mountaineers and trekkers frequent the place early in the morning or in the  evenings. Not very far off from city, it is still a very peaceful place and gives a very beautiful panoramic  view of the city. Maharashtra Government has taken up the area for cultivating forest and since 1996,  more than 4000 trees of different varieties have been planted on the hillock. The place attracts tourists, archaeologists, trekkers and artists, since the view provides a beautiful landscape for painting.


Water Faol Someshware

On the way to Gangapur dam, tourists are fascinated by the beautiful nature spot called "Someshwar". There is a temple of  Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman on the banks of the river Godavari. The area is covered with greenery all over, with a pleasant climate. Tourists can take pleasure of swimming and boating in the river.Someshwar has been a favourite location for many a filmshootings. On the way to Someshwar, there is a village named Anandwalli. It is so named because Peshwas - Anandibai and  Raghobadada, lived there for some time. The temple - Navasha Ganpati was built by them.

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